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Default Re: $1850 women's wallet?

MAN I am up late with this cold. Went home early from work today and slept. Now I am up looking at the ceiling. Figured I would put on some Jazz from San Fran (Internet Radio) and check out the action at the forum.

I ended up getting my wife some Jimmy Choo shoes. WAY less money than the wallet (that was just silly even by my crazy standards). The people at Choo, who just moved to a Rodeo address, are GREAT. They know you by name, treat you like you are welcomed etc... They know my wife's size, how the shoe is running (these were running large) etc...

I tried to buy the shoes I put in the MHT Christmas gift guide which are sold at Sak's. I stood there surrounded by housewives and queens KNOWING what I am a) talking about b) looking for someone to help me and c) dressed pretty well that day (I don't always break out a suit for work but that day I did. I got ignored SO MANY times that I started making jokes with this nice woman who had a little baby next to me. I said "OK, the next one who walks past me and doesn't say Boo - is it" and guess what - it was. The Christian Louboutin shoes were also REALLY sexy shoes for women and were also HOT PINK but they just treat you better at Jimmy Choo. Note: most stores on Rodeo are ALL ABOUT great service. Everywhere else I went, the people were nothing short of great. They wrapped everything for me without me even having to ask etc...
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