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Thumbs up Re: Helping Audiophile Dealers with the "Audio Room of the Future"

You are a really funny guy kenny. You know, when I first go into the high end, the Esoteric gear was found here only in New York at Lyric Hi-Fi and Sound by Singer. . I`m sure you know them. Though, I wasn`t really familiar with Singer. Lyric had the best, Arnie Nudells Infinity IRS$es, Krell and Spectral amplification, Mcintosh amps as well.

Then Harvey on 45th and the Listening Room in Scarsdale had Carver, Apt Holman, Acoustic Research, NAD, Bang and Olufsen, Polk Audio, Sonance, KEF, Marantz (both amps and receivers), Adcom, you get the picture.

kenny, Esoteric is definitely "Esoteric" to me. Consider their two box cd/sacd players. Right up there with the DCS Elgar two box units. But, I like your player. I always wanted a universal player from them. The only other consideration was the Linn Unidisk SC.

Also, you have Levinson, esoteric to me. Way above Marantz and Adcom, though great equipment in their on right.
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