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Smile Re: Helping Audiophile Dealers with the "Audio Room of the Future"

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
He was clueless. To suggest that a high end Onkyo can compete with separates from even NAD is ludicrous. I myself have heard side by side A/B comparisons and while the Onkyo might have some things going for it, it can not compare with the sound from the separates. There are many reasons for this.

I know well respected members of this business who think that there is no audible difference between lamp wire or $20K worth of Transparent, Kimber, Acoustic Zen, etc.

I've been told I'm hearing what I want to hear for years.

I know differently and have been involved with many double blind tests. There is a difference in sound through out, but rest assured if you spend big money on a system from say Theta, Meridian, or Mark Levinson you will be getting brilliance.

Personally, I think Meridian is the best sound you can get right now. However I'd settle for Theta at 2/3rds the cost.
Lotus and Enoch,

First, this was not to start a debate. My point was, at this moment in time, right now, with the HD DVD and BLu-Ray war at its height (Ridiculous), receivers by are midfi brethren have been on point with all the HDMI inputs and outputs, codecs, connections, etc. And even power, when you consider the Sunfire and Denon flagship receivers.

Add in room correction on some, and ease of operation and flexibility, these units offer I believe everyone a great gateway to home theater. Now as far as comparison to the upper level. In some cases, midfi to high end, you are not giving up too much. Now when you go what I call Esoteric Level, Wilsons, Krell, Mark Levinson, Meridian, then obviously, you need the best. Especially since the speakers you will be using at this level are power hungry.

However, the Esoteric level is way behind right now, with the current inputs and outputs, especially for HDMI and what our HD and Blu-ray units bring to the game.

I agree with JTMJNOW, that a bridging of the gap, would be great for all of us. We are all at a point now where all this equipment must be functional. What good is it, if you can not even connect it, or use all the technology to its fullest?? Its time for snobbery at the high end level and Esoteric level to end, and move forward.
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