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Default Re: CES 2008 BD Predictions!

I don't know, I've heard all kinds of estimates for when the next leap in bandwidth will come, I don't believe any of them. It's not that I know inside info, just the opposite.

Remember when we were never going to get faster than 300 baud via a phone line? (yes, I'm dating myself here) We already have internet II running at speeds close to what I speak of between college campuses all over the country, so what does it take to make the next leap?

Historically it's just someone who figures out how to do it, and when that happens isn't predictable. MS would love us all to believe it won't happen for 7 years, then they look like they are studs when they get it out in four. Sorry for the rant, but unless something happens soon to settle this 'war' no one will win.

I for one have stopped buying players, though I've already bought 5-6 to date. The pre/pro world needs to catch up before I'll buy another one (well, I say that now....) and I don't know if that will happen @ CES this year or CEDIA, I guess it depends on the company.
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