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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Actually she got heat for publishing the wrong numbers!!!
Here's what she says,

Just prior to the long Christmas weekend, I posted a story online that carried a mistake. Instead of saying that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on HD DVD was selling slightly below its Blu-ray version at a 45 to 55 ratio, I went all dyslexic and inverted the numbers to say HD DVD was actually outpacing Blu-ray at a 55 to 45 ratio. That was wrong.

So when you thought Harry Potter on HD-DVD was out selling Blu-Ray it was a big deal to you, Warners & Universal, but now that the numbers are on the Blu-Ray side your saying it doesn't really matter anymore?


You've been saying that it's a big deal to Warner for HD-DVD to out sell Blu-Ray on a title released in both formats, as a matter of fact you guys are saying those are the only numbers that matter, so what does it mean when Blu-Ray sells the most?
No she changed it from a QUOTE to a paragraph that says using Nielsens. She mentioned the number of absurd people attacking her and even pointed out how he would have information about Warners but she did what was easiest for her. She said it was her error and moved on.

Nielsen doesnt track Wal-Mart you know that place where the majority of people got a $98 HD DVD player. Warners and Disney have both stated for years that unlike what Nielsen says (That Best Buy is the number one DVD retail outlet) that Wal-Mart is by far where most of their titles are sold.

The real numbers are HP did better on HD DVD. Wal-Mart will never announce their numbers so you'll just keep saying "No No No!"

Doesn't matter. 1.2 to 1 is not 2:1 or 3:1. 1.2 to 1 is actually FINANCIALLY better for HD DVD. Warners profited more on HD DVD this holiday season than BD.

That last sentence is all that matters to them. Yes the 1.2 to 1 is important even if the real number. Because it wasn't 2:1 or 3:1. It was 20% better when it costs more to make BDs.
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