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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
All she did was take his quote out and then said according to "Nielsen," which reverses it. He didn't take his quote back. She got heat from way too many overly interested BD people.

So 61-39 with BOGOs at Best Buy? Congrats! That's with the Simpsons?


Still aren't really outselling on HP though. Even using Nielsen numbers, Warners is pretty happy with HD DVD. It costs less and they're starting to really sell through now with the new players on the market.
Actually she got heat for publishing the wrong numbers!!!
Here's what she says,

Just prior to the long Christmas weekend, I posted a story online that carried a mistake. Instead of saying that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on HD DVD was selling slightly below its Blu-ray version at a 45 to 55 ratio, I went all dyslexic and inverted the numbers to say HD DVD was actually outpacing Blu-ray at a 55 to 45 ratio. That was wrong.

So when you thought Harry Potter on HD-DVD was out selling Blu-Ray it was a big deal to you, Warners & Universal, but now that the numbers are on the Blu-Ray side your saying it doesn't really matter anymore?


You've been saying that it's a big deal to Warner for HD-DVD to out sell Blu-Ray on a title released in both formats, as a matter of fact you guys are saying those are the only numbers that matter, so what does it mean when Blu-Ray sells the most?

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