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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
If you are referring to information supplied in Suzanne Ault's recent Video Business article. I'm hearing She made a correction today indicating that she had it backwards and BD outsold the HD DVD version 55:45.

I'm also hearing the Nielson numbers have been released for this week. It's 61-39 for Blu-Ray with HP5 selling 1.2:1 better on Blu-ray and the boxset selling 1.3:1 better.

Could this be a repeat of Universals lying about the Transformers numbers?
All she did was take his quote out and then said according to "Nielsen," which reverses it. He didn't take his quote back. She got heat from way too many overly interested BD people.

So 61-39 with BOGOs at Best Buy? Congrats! That's with the Simpsons?


Still aren't really outselling on HP though. Even using Nielsen numbers, Warners is pretty happy with HD DVD. It costs less and they're starting to really sell through now with the new players on the market.
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