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Default CES 2008 Predictions!

So it's the day after Christmas. Here are my big CES predictions:

No Studio changes at all. Warner won't be going Blue and nobody will be going Red.

Instead New Line, Paramount, Dreamworks, and Universal will announce a slew of HD DVD content.

The big ones:

Paramount: Beverly Hills Cop, The Godfather Trilogy, Titanic, Forrest Gump, The Indiana Jones Trilogy.
New Line: The LOTR Trilogy (on HD DVD only). The Blade Trilogy, Austin Powers.
Universal: The Back to the Future Trilogy. JAWS.
Dreamworks: The First 2 Shrek Films. Gladiator. Saving Private Ryan.

I know that includes Spielberg, but I believe that Peter Jackson has helped him change his tune a bit. The new TL discs certainly help. Paramount wants to release the trilogy around the 4th Indy film.

The announcements should be enough to make things exciting. I figure The Godfather would be pretty big.

I also think MS announces another price drop on their HD DVD addon. I put them announcing a HD DVD internal 360 at about 50/50.

It will look a lot healthier than last year's CES due to the exclusivity of titles from Paramount and Dreamworks.
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