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Post: Could Warner Bros. Abandon HD DVD in 2008?
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Originally Posted by dobyblue View Post
Also I can tell you that there is no such contract in place for Disney for "free BD50's" and anyone that would suggest there is has been listening to HD DVD Propaganda Campaign's typical FUD.

You can take that to the bank.

You people should be able to recognize this FUD by now, it was all the same spiel last year just a little less intense.

Mr. Burke I suggest you go spread your lies elsewhere. You're telling me there is no subsidation contract with Disney? You're so out of the loop it's funny!

Disney HAS authored TL discs. I've even seen one of the test discs.

Why don't you go post reviews on Amazon of HD DVD discs and give them Zero stars because they aren't BD. Anyone who has that kind of time on their hands is imho just a troll.
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