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Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I was a long time Linn fan, and up until a few years ago had a fully active AV 51 system. Linn's new stuff has gotten so much more expensive now though and to me they have priced themselves out of the market. The new system to replace the AV 51 needs five channels of amplification for each speaker plus the active cards, it's ridiculous!
I agree. And moreover the amplification for the AV series wasnt on pair with the quality of the source and the speakers (expecially the bookshelves, the 5140/5120 and the Espeks). You basically needed to go active to make them sound like they should.
A passive amplification (eventually bi-amp) of better quality and lesser price can make a linn system sound better than the original complete systems.

Current offering is good only in the mid-up range but unfortunately priced too high to appeal new customers and old ones (like me) as well: 5k€ for the 2-channel amplifier and 9k€ for a pair of Akurate towers is really too much, for they offer just a bit better sound than a pair of Espeks powered by an integrated such as an old Classé CAP-100 or 150/151 or a new Bel Canto s300i.

BTW, the Klimax DS should be listened.
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