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Default Re: B&W Speakers Owners - Post about Bowers & Wilkins Speakers

KEN : Your Reply post made my day. Funny is i cant believe how freaked out so to speak, the people in the next condo got , i m still not sure of what they were saying , a couple of friends of mine from Ventura stopped up with a 5.1 mix of the Doors .. WOW TALK ABOUT FREAK OUT . My one Buddy said he understood something about Sin and Christmas . WOW A COMPLETE SET OF THESE B&Ws are nice , MADE MY SYSTEM SOUND EVEN BETTER.. i wonder if the trash rats here will be digging for my old Bose i trashed the other day. The Wonder City of Ca. more knives and stabbings then North Philly , Watts , D.C. , Wilm, De. has guns ( per pop.) Wow i went to the " Holiday Parade" , the other night and a gang war broke out. The other joke going around now for years is .' When The Raiders , moved back to OAKLAND , they didn't even stop for a soda and get off the 101 here'. Too bad the weather is so nice here and i can look down at the ocean or i 'd be out of here , i hate the cold, rain and snow. But Ken your post really made my day . THANK YOU .. LUKE
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