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Default Re: Brown outs in your area...

Originally Posted by Bob Rapoport View Post
Bob from PurePower responding to Strutter: That device is nothing more than a sruge protector with filtration, just like the rest of the so-called power conditioners and power strips. Note, the amps go down, not up, depressing system dynamics. If the inbound voltage drops below 120v, which is very common, the power to your system is further deminsihed.
interesting. i kinda thought it was some sort of brown out box that used that large capacitor to maintain a constant voltage out when voltage in was low. how could it be a surge protector? is the capacitor storing the surge?

yes i see that the amps out are 2.1 less than in. this seems inefficient to me that this box would consume that much amps. i would guess that it would also run extremely hot .
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