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Default Re: Onkyo TX-SR805 vs. 875

Originally Posted by Bspringer View Post
Nope- wouldn't take it back.

As I recall, it was just 'outside' the return window policy (14 days?) back in August...anyway, I didn't resist, because I had that 5 year warranty plus, it was still under the original manufacturers warranty.

I figured - no problem as Onkyo would be sure to take good car of me...I washoping even better than CC.

Couldn't have been more wrong. Hind sight 20/20, yes...had I known all this would happen - I'd have the store manager in a choke hold up against the wall.
My family owns one of if not the best repair centers in the South.

This problem is not rare in the industry. In fact I'd say all the Japanese brands have horrible customer service. If your product goes to the wrong repair facility this kind of story isn't as rare as most of you think.

Why CC didn't take it back I don't know. They've been doing business with Onkyo for 15 years. So if that was the case their website would have mentioned it. My guess is that the store got shipped a nice batch of lemons.

Getting back to it, it is my theory that the Japanese don't know how to handle lemons. My sister had a lemon Honda Accord and went through some of the worst trouble you could ever imagine. State lemon laws had to kick in and lawyers had to be brought in for her to get her money back.

My family also owns a store in Texas. In your situation we'd have already given you another unit or a similar unit and would just sell your "repaired," receiver later. This is consistently done with the store's clients because as mentioned before the Japanese just have a horrible legacy of bad customer service. Pioneer, Yamaha, Onkyo, Sony, and Panasonic are imho horrible. If you get a lemon you better have bought from a good store that cares about its reputation.

The only firm that seems to understand it is D&M Holdings the company behind Denon and Marantz.

My suggestion is buy your product from a Brick and Mortar. Go to a specialty HT store but a high end one. The high end stores truly understand that customer service is a big part of what the customers are spending big money on.

They may have brands you don't recognize but in all likelyhood they will outperform that Onkyo and god forbid you get a lemon you find out what real customer care is all about.
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