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Default Re: Onkyo TX-SR805 vs. 875

You mean they would in no way take it back??

I understand if it is defective they might have a policy with Onkyo to go through them, but I would have thought they would take a return.

Did you try going back another day and just saying you didn't like it or the wife nixed the purchase???: Maybe try a different CC in the area??

I have had some issues lately with these places which used to have amazing return policies, but I suspect as the margin of profit drops on everything they too must reign in their policies.

I checked CC website and this is the quote;

There is no restocking fee for defective product returned in exchange for the exact same product, or for product originally purchased as Open Box.

See their return policy @

I would shove that line in front of the manager and threaten legal action. they are screwing you and you've more than patronized them, they should be doing everything they can to keep you happy, not trying to **** you off!

From what I read on their website, there is no exclusion for Onkyo, go back in there and chew the manager a new poop hole, print the web page so you can show him the current policy, oh, and if they try to tell you it's a late return now, they have extended the return policy for the holidays!

You should in no way have to put up with this, they should take it back and in my mind anything less would force me to call attorney's.

Go raise some stink and get a new one!
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