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Default Re: Onkyo TX-SR805 vs. 875


I tried laying that on them. I was about as forcefull as I could be - short of loading a pistol at the customer service desk!

Its funny - I bought my Dad a $500 Magellan GPS for father's day - it was dead in 28 days- and CC took it back for a full exchange on a new one. No questions asked. (Same store).

I gave this store over $9,000 worth of business (TV/PS3/Stereo/Speakers/Hardware, etc)

At this point I'll chalk it up to lessons learned.

I shared my story which is what I wanted to do, since I have no power or control over what Onkyo or CC does....but I can Blog. They can't stop me from doing that.

For the purpose of this site/ forum, I'd just like to know which Yamaha is comparable - so when I get the Onkyo back I can ebay it as quickly as possible.

Thanks guys.
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