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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post

I do think that you're an insider. I also think you work for Toshiba/Microsoft.
Wow I've never worked for Toshiba or MS.

So, you're telling me that Universal Studios telling me about the sales figures of another studios titles is "confirmation"???

When WB releases their sales statistics, that would seem the time to talk about "confirmation". Does Universal Studios have access to sales figures on Warner SKUs?
Yes actually they do. They also have access to Paramount, Dreamworks, etc. Why? He handles that information for the HD DVD PRG. So his statement is factual. Not some "guess."

Fascinating prediction. It will be interesting to see what happens at CES/early 2008.
I believe the chances of a change are less than 50% right now. To me it looks like a CES without changes except for possibly New Line. I know LOTR will be HD DVD's huge title announcement (and on TL).
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