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Default Re: Samsung BD-UP5000 update

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
While few cables are truly certified for HDMI 1.3 Cat 2, if you really want to go cheap, check out Monoprice, I just bought some of there cables, they are so cheap that I bought a half a dozen extra just to keep around!

There 8M HDMI 1.3 Cat 2 cable is $41.42 and their shipping is cheap as well. I personally use the Monster M1000's for my main rig, but I have a friend who has a 40 foot run of Monoprice running 1080p without any issues.
I have several Monoprice cables too & there is nothing wrong with them, they are good cables at an inexpensive price.
That said I think if I had a long run in a wall I would pony up for a Monster cable just for peace of mind.
It's one thing to have a 2M cable go out that's out in the open & quite another to have one fail that is inaccessible or very hard to replace.
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