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Default Re: Brown outs in your area...


I use Richard Gray's stuff for two reasons. First, I've met Richard and consider him to be a stand up guy and I use his products in support of that. However, I do understand your points and realize his products don't quite do what PurePower's will. I actually do not use Richard Gray power products in my reference rig (which is the system I'm looking to get right) only my 2nd and 3rd systems where absolute performance aren't 100% necessary all the time since they are mostly guest bedroom and casual listening systems. Second I use them because I some what "fell" into their products by accident and haven't felt the need to upgrade those systems as of yet.

I've been eyeing PurePower's products for some time. I know Jerry uses them with great success. I don't feel I'd ever go with PS Audio personally but however, I do know they have quite a following and was hoping to stimulate some conversation about not only the Premiere but power products in general.

I really do like your products and as soon as my schedule dies down a bit I will focus more on how they can advance my system. I have a feeling you and I should talk more, so perhaps in the near future you can lend your expertise in making my reference system sing. Thanks again for all your help and support. Feel free to contact me directly with any more info if need be. Thanks again.

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