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Default Re: Onkyo TX-SR805 vs. 875

Thanks for letting me rant.

Believe me - when it was first purchased, it definitely was better than the older yamaha (stronger). But, I've owned mid/ upper Sony, Pioneer and Yamaha (Yamaha was my favorite of those), and never had a functionality problem.

In my experience, receivers just get old in terms of technology, not in terms of ability to function. Most people it seems, just want to "upgrade". So you wind up with a 20 year old reciever out in the garage.

Perhaps you're right: I just got the one lemon out of 1,000 that were manufactured. Hopefully so. Perhaps I'll get it back and it will work fine.

But I'm strongly considering taking the loss and just getting another Yamaha - partly because I will never deal with Onkyo ever again.

Andrew - any suggestions for the equivilent Yamaha?
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