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Default Re: Onkyo TX-SR805 vs. 875

Hello Andrew Robinson and anyone else who would read this post:

First, I greatly appreciate your insights with regards to the TR-SX805 THX Ultra2 Certified Receiver that you editorialized on this site back in October....ironically about the same time my story begins:

I purchased the 805 from Circuit City retail chain here in Pa., along with a Boston Accoustics surround speakers/ Sony PS3/ and a Panasonic 58 inch plasma 1080p, all set up by Firedog installation service through Circuit City (I could have done it myself, but they were wall mounting the 175lb monitor, so why not have them do it...Everything was new and not (out of the box)

Not too shabby huh?


The 805 was used sparingly as my work schedule only allowed for limited use in the evenings. After 3 weeks I noticed the sound began to work intermittently. another week later - nothing...

Called Circuit City. They put me on to Onkyo. Since I had the 5 year warranty and a "dead unit", they (Onkyo) said I had to ship it to a certified repair shop to determine if is "dead" or fixable. If dead, they send me a new unit.

The certified repair shop they put me onto refused to take any Onkyo work. Onkyo's reply: Basically its my problem between me and the repair shop. I had to beg Onkyo to call the repair shop to confirm. They finally did and wound up sending me to another repair shop.


The mysterious "defective part" is still on back order. I had to project manage between their repair shop and Onkyo to get the process moving on getting to the bottom of my receiver issue. (felt like I was at work!)

Part is some kind of module that hasn't been manufactured yet. So, by "friends" at Onkyo sent them a whole new circuit panel. Once installed it still won't work. So, now it has to be shipped to a "regional" Onkyo repair shop. I'll let you know if I get this thing back by Spring.

Lets recap: I paid $1,100 for this wonderful piece of_ _ _ _ (technology) and I was able to enjoy it for 3 weeks.

I previously owned (3) mid/upper end Yamaha recievers, and this move was a supposed "upgrade" to what I previously used. This was a gigantic mistake that I will not make again.

Onkyo (poor product in my opinion -obviously- and the customer service experience was like nothing else I have ever encountered in my professional career)

Give me a Yamaha - any day of the week. All 3 previous units are still working and NEVER had any any problems with them. (One is in the garage and one in the basement work area)

Hey Andrew-wanna buy a TR-SX805 THX Ultra2 Certified Receiver that you glow over? I'll make you a good price?

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