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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.


I do think that you're an insider. I also think you work for Toshiba/Microsoft.

I posted on here that Harry Potter sold better on HD DVD after all the outlets were taken into account (something Videoscan can't do and only gets around 60%). Then it gets confirmed.
So, you're telling me that Universal Studios telling me about the sales figures of another studios titles is "confirmation"???

When WB releases their sales statistics, that would seem the time to talk about "confirmation". Does Universal Studios have access to sales figures on Warner SKUs?

Additionally, notes Universal research, Warner Home Video’s HD DVD release of Order of the Phoenix is edging out the titles’ BD version by a 55-to-45 ratio. Order of the Phoenix also streeted Dec. 11. That claim matches information gathered from sales rankings in recent weeks.

Lotus sums up:

The foggy picture looks like this:

Warners is considering going exclusive still. They just won't be going BD exclusive.

New Line is considering the same.

Disney is considering going neutral. They want Warners to stay neutral if they're going neutral.
Fascinating prediction. It will be interesting to see what happens at CES/early 2008.

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