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Default Re: Samsung BD-UP5000 update

Originally Posted by melcuemba View Post
now that is knowledge. Thanks! You have just saved me hours of research! Now to test your Phd skills. I am looking to get Monster Cables (the Ultra high Speed) to go from Samsung BDP 5000 to Denon 4308CI. Are there any cables that you would recommend better than these to pass the codecs and the video. Those cables for about 8M are expensive (180+)
You're going to want a 1080p capable cable or HDMI 1.3 category 2 compliant cable.

There aren't that many that are HDMI 1.3 rated category 2(or advertised as such). There is actually a huge difference. Many HDMI cables are only 74.25MHZ and it takes 150MHZ to properly transmit 1080p. Category 2 cables are 300MHZ.

You can get one for $70 here:
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