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Default Re: B&W Speakers Owners - Post about Bowers & Wilkins Speakers

well i added a few more of them today , All I Can say is Wow. I moved my old 6.1 Bose Studio jobs to the 2nd rear set and wow does it sound nice.. i know just hope i can **** off the people 2 doors away who complained about the LOUD music i was playing the half speed master album of COURT AND SPARK..... WOW REAL HEAVY LOUD MUSIC... I CANT WAIT UNTIL CHRISTMAS DAY AND I TRY OUT MY 5.1 MIX OF CAPTN BEEFHEART "SAFE AS MILK" On THEM AS A CHRISTMAS GIFT.. or MAYBE A LITTLE MORE FITTING "WE'RE ONLY IN IT FOR THE MONEY" ANOTHER GREAT LP I REMIXED INTO 5.1 AND GREAT HOLDAY MUSIC... LUKE
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