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Default Re: Laid-back Library Control - Installment 1

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
You seem to be somewhat Mac oriented.

How would you go about controlling iTunes in a MacMini with a Crestron based system? I have a HUGE collection of mid to high resolution rips on an external drive. Far more music than I can get on my ReQuest. I would love to just use a Mac Mini and would ALSO LOVE to have a web browser on my big screen for fantasy hockey and baseball drafts during the year.

Thoughts on control?

Hey Jerry, thanks for recognizing that I am just spreading the audiophile word to those interested. Other forums have been real weary that I might "steal" a user or two.

Anyway, there are tons of options here and it depends on your personal tastes of course. I really like the Mac Mini platform for music servers. It can be expanded far beyond any canned/turnkey system. One very cool option that I finally decided to embrace is using the iPhone / iPod Touch as a library controller. Everyone who has done it loves it. For integrating with a Crestron system make sure your touch panel has the embedded PC applications. Then just use the built in web browser to access your iTunes library. There are many apps that will serve up your itunes library via web browser.
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