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Default Re: Can the Guitar Hero Video Game Teach Teens to Love Technically Important Music?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I agree with you guys, once corporate music realized it was more profitable to make some lame a$$ boy band and cut and album or two and tour then dump them, I think they actually stopped signing talented people! Let's face it, a band like the Red Hot Chilly Peppers (just to name some one recent who's stayed around) likely makes the label a whole lot LESS money as they are established and can ask for much more.

The Spice Girls get what the label wants to give them.... Big difference!
Look at Madonna. The Label just couldn't justify paying her what she wanted to stick around. That is how bad it's getting. They can't even throw money at Madonna.

The problem is Labels are run by guys who live in very small boxes. They refuse to think outside the box and they've pretty much dug their own grave. There won't be a magic savior from the sky.

They killed MTV too. It should be called "Reality TV," and move on. If MTV was still wicked cool videos on all the time and you actually couldn't wait to see what the new DaveTV video looked like or the new Peter Gabriel video...

Videos used to be giant adverts for music. They were cool and on all the time.

The Labels just totally screwed up in just about every avenue they could. They never adjusted the pricing structure of CDs quick enough (now may very well be too late). They stopped developing talent like they used to. They lost their advertising edge by letting MTV become a joke. They never prepped a solid product for us to invest in after CDs.

SACD? Nah. DVD-A? Nah. Stupid format wars.
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