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Default Re: Blockbuster chooses Blu-Ray

According to the link posted above, Blockbuster wasn't made to do anything. They are only suggesting that Blockbuster is following in the footsteps of its parent company.

What seems to be getting confused here is that everyone is out to believe that Blockbuster has chosen a side. Really though all that is happening is that Blockbuster is making a push in the Blu-ray format at the present time. Both formats are still available and being updated continuously on Blockbuster's online rental service and both formats will continue to be served at the original 250 stores. Nowhere has it actually been stated that Blockbuster is only going to be supporting Blu-ray.

If you happen to read the official press release over at you will notice a few lines such as; "While it is still too early to say which high-definition format will become the industry leader..." and "Blu-ray rentals outpacing HD DVD rentals". It only makes economic sense for the company to deliver the demands of the majority of their consumers, and according to their trends the demand is for Blu-ray discs.
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