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Default Re: Anybody Try Leveler Yet?

I have never heard of Leveler. Must be from the pro market like Furman who makes VERY good stuff.

I have a new Audiophile APS Pure Power coming for my rack. I had one of the EARLY units and they have replaced it for me with a new unit. I am redoing my rack pretty soon and will make this power regeneration unit the corner stone of the AC power solution in my system. It can regulate those 134 surges back down to 120 nicely. For me in CA, I have the opposite problem. I get 92 volts from time to time and need to have things boosted back up. There is also a TON of noise even on the dedicated lines. The APS cleans that up nicely. I am no EE pHd. but the guys at APS are worth a call to discuss the product. I recommend it STRONGLY...!!!

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