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Default Re: Recommendations for a Pre-Amp needed

I'm new to forums, but have been collecting my AV system since 1980. My current setup for movies is a Pioneer blu-ray player connected via HDMI to a DVDO VP-50 (5 months old) scaler/deinterlacer. From there the video goes via HDMI to my Sony VPL-VW100 projector, and the audio via SPDIF coax to my Meridian 568.2 A/V controller.

Now comes the dilemma. How can I hear lossless multi-channel audio from the BD player and process video without tossing out the VP50 and the 568.2, which I am very happy with?

Of course the 568.2 can only process LPCM in stereo (no dialogue from the centre channel) through the coax inputs and has no HDMI switching. I am not interested at all in the latest receivers.
Am I dreaming? Any advice would be appreciated.
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