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Default Re: Can the Guitar Hero Video Game Teach Teens to Love Technically Important Music?

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
I think you are touching on an important issue....

Labels in the late 1990's stopped developing talent and started looking more like bankers. Look to the Prince, Janet and Michael Jackson record deals. They paid big bucks for Alex Rodriguez performance when the way to the world series is more of a Billy Bean - farm system approach....
Well I'd say in the 90s is when the Labels got stupid. CD prices are extremely out of control and their sales are down. Now in 2007 we find Downloadable Content had its first year of not growing (I heard that on NPR).

So the Labels need to find a solution to the lost CD income. Downloadable content isn't it.

I think the answer is better product. The Eagles can release a crap album only in Wal-Mart and sell 700,000 units. Obviously the public is desperate for decent music. To be fair to The Eagles I've only heard one of their new songs on the radio and I thought it was junk but maybe they have some good ones not getting radio play.
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