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Default Re: new member over here with some doubts

i want to have the minimal clutter of equipment so i thought why not an htpc you can have blue ray hd dvd dvd avi mp3 mp4 games internet pvr everything in just one little box but my biggest concern is how i must proceed with the sound car i want my receiver handles all the decoding

for the speaker wow those look neat, i was looking at these i dont know what you guys think about the brand or quality of sound so any help i would be grateful.

i was also looking at the XBR4 but they are kinda expensive i was looking at this Samsung LNT4071F 40" 1080p 120Hz LCD or the Sharp aquos 42" the 62u series but im afraid of banding issues with them

i dont have big budget but i want to get the best out of my money, im really open to suggestions as i dont know a lot about all this stuff been reading like crazy but i cant find many sites with decent reviews of all the stuff

really thanks for the help
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