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Default Re: new member over here with some doubts

Well, it's tough to answer everything, sounds like you have your source (HTPC) settled, so all you should need is the receiver, which you also have picked. Speakers are a personal thing, I have been loving the new Kef line, I still have the 5005.2 system I reviewed in my bedroom and it does a great job for a small system and is easy to power with a receiver.

Check out the review here;

I don't know what your budget is, but these can be found for ~$1400 or so USD, they have other models above and below depending on your wants but these speakers are good enough I've no desire to replace them.

As for nice LCD's, I like the Sony XBR's, but I must admit, I am way more impressed with the new Pioneer Elite Kuro plasmas which are also 1080p, and to my eyes plasmas look much better with SD TV (which it seems you are forced to use) than LCD's unless you plan to pony up for a good video scaler.

Just a start for you......
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