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Thumbs down Re: Sony to drop RPTV?

Sony's decision was a short time in coming!As a Cedia installer it was always pleasureable
to see how much HDTV one could get for so little money and after replacing the bulb which
I have yet to do on more than 60 RPTV's by Sony you would have a NEW set.Sony's
decision is monetary in nature,for all the wrong reasons.It will be quite awhile before we see
57" and bigger Flat panel LCD at prices even close to a Sony KDS-A2000/2020/3000.
Sony knows the money is in flat panel and the buyer be damned.Prices will rise and profit margins grow when Sony exits RPTV.A sad day for all.Samsung,JVC et all will follow right behind and then watch as quality falls and prices rise.Rear projection allowed the budget
minded videophile to view incredible quality pictures especially the SXRD sets in sizes unimagineable in a flat panel.I mention the bulb because that is a great concern for Sony.
Imagine,a new set every 4-5 years for $100-$150.Yes,that is a typical bulb cost.Once
again the consumer suffers due to corporate greed and the fact that their aren't any flat
panels that can match the SXRD picture!
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