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Default Re: Samsung BD-UP5000 update

Originally Posted by AcuDefTechGuy View Post
I was going to buy the Samsung BD-UP5000, but then when I read the on-line manual, it says that it could only send DTS-HD MA & DTS-HR via Bitstream, not internally decode DTS-MA. It says that it can decode TrueHD and all the other formats.

But how would you check to see if it could REALLY Internally Decode DTS-MA???

Even if you used the 7.1 Analog Output, it would just send the DTS-Core and not the DTS-MA.

So how could anyone verify that it could IN FACT internally decode DTS-MA?

For example, my Panasonic DMP-BD10A can internally decode DTS-HR, but not DTS-MA. When you check the Surround Setting on the Panasonic, it says "DTS-HD". So when I play any movie with DTS-MA (Die Hard 4, Day After Tomorrow, AVP, etc.), the information screen just says "DTS-HD".

So on the BD-UP5000, if you select "DTS-MA" and use the 7.1 Analog Output, the Information screen may say "DTS-MA" or "DTS-HD", but how could you verify that it is TRULY DTS-MA and not DTS-Core?
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