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Default Re: Samsung BD-UP5000 update

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
Hmmm, I'll go check but my test unit from Samsung could do this. Perhaps the shipped model is waiting a firmware update to do it. The manual could just be wrong if that is what you're going on. They made some software changes before shipping (the reason for the delay).

I'll test it out tonight.
I was going to buy the Samsung BD-UP5000, but then when I read the on-line manual, it says that it could only send DTS-HD MA & DTS-HR via Bitstream, not internally decode DTS-MA. It says that it can decode TrueHD and all the other formats.

But how would you check to see if it could REALLY Internally Decode DTS-MA???

Even if you used the 7.1 Analog Output, it would just send the DTS-Core and not the DTS-MA.

So how could anyone verify that it could IN FACT internally decode DTS-MA?

For example, my Panasonic DMP-BD10A can internally decode DTS-HR, but not DTS-MA. When you check the Surround Setting on the Panasonic, it says "DTS-HD". So when I play any movie with DTS-MA (Die Hard 4, Day After Tomorrow, AVP, etc.), the information screen just says "DTS-HD".

So on the BD-UP5000, if you select "DTS-MA" and use the 7.1 Analog Output, the Information screen may say "DTS-MA" or "DTS-HD", but how could you verify that it is TRULY DTS-MA and not DTS-Core?
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