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Smile Re: Vinyl Outsells SACD and DVD-Audio combined in 2006

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

I like the look of the VPI HRX, I also like some of the Clearaudio tables Solution, Master solution, maybe champion.... Kuzma makes some cool looking TT's also, I just have one HUGE problem... Finding a store that sells all the different brands!

Yes, I know I'm already looking at >$5K rigs, without carts.....

Have I mentioned I have a shopping problem??
Mostly definitely, you have. lol!!! Back you would not be you, if you didn`t. And, especially in todays marketplace, it will not only be a challenge to see different turntables at one dealer, but to have them also setup to compare, I mean you could not really do that when vinyl was king.

But, I was really trying to tell you, that the TT`s are very, very, good today. And in my opinion, you do not have to go off in what you spend.
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