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Originally Posted by Bob Walters View Post
deacongreg & MoosePond,
There are a couple of us in the Westchester county area....Kevin Miller is the moderator of this forum & myself [with a few years of experience under our belts]. Check out for other folks in this neighborhood!
Thanks for the link; however, it's (no "s" after forum) . . . I've run into Kevin a number of times over the years but don't believe you and I have ever met and look forward to doing so one of these days soon. I'll hopefully be joining your Westchester isf "club" in January after I receive my Sencore equipment and get a few "practice" calibrations under my belt in preparation for taking my certification exam.

Happy holidays to everyone here. We're off to VT tonight to see some serious snow (there's about 2' on the ground according to my brother-in-law who lives 2 miles down the road from us up there).
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