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Default Re: $1850 women's wallet?


First, its Christmas, and to me, the definition of a present is something you want but would never buy for yourself as it's either too expensive or you just don't really 'need' it or both.

If the wallet will make her happy, buy it, she'll likely love showing off the matching combo as much as you like showing off your system....

FWIW I went to buy my wife new wheels for her bike prio to her next half ironman race in May and instead dropped ~$5K on a new Cervelo P3C Tri-Bike for her! It's hiding in the attic now waiting for that big bow and Christmas morning.... Oh, I almost forgot, I bought her the pink speedplay pedals for it as well! As a breast cancer survivor, she's kind of partial to pink!

.... bet you didn't see this reply coming did you??? DO remember, I have a slight shopping problem!
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