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Default Re: Is the SAMSUNG BD 5000 the best of both worlds

Originally Posted by melcuemba View Post
I am looking to buy the samsung BDP 5000 both want one that has all the prpoer audio codecs and funtionality. Does this player really have it all?

It appears to work perfectly and the insides of it are right up there with the Toshiba XA2. It has great video capabilities and soundwise is pretty good. The only model I've been told that sounds better is the new Denon unit (that I've yet to test). However if you're passing the data unconverted straight through HDMI for your receiver/pre-pro to process the sound doesn't really matter.

I have had no issues with any movies so far. In fact I watched The Simpsons on it tonight followed by Bladerunner. One a BD the other an HD DVD.
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