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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
You can say what you want but it sounds to me like they are not looking ahead, they are looking at what will make the stockholders happy right now by only looking at the small picture (their sales only)

But really this all doesn't matter any way because like a Whore they will go with whoever pays them the most money up front (again to make a short term gain).
Why is looking at your numbers and longterm projections a small picture?

I'm sorry man but Warners can't release FOX's titles to a format. They have theirs, and that is it. What the other guy does doesn't matter. Plus you haven't even told us how that makes a difference.

If there were 7 of the big 8 studios on one format exclusively, and the sole Studio on format B was still selling the same amount on format B as they would on Format A does what the other guys are doing matter?

I asked you to actually state whatever it is you think they're overlooking and you can't.

The problem with your hypothesis that other studios matter is that you never know what FOX would do if they released on DVD.

Here is a big guess:

Around the same numbers as Warners. So The Simpsons if released on both would show up on Videoscan as a 20% edge at best for BD over HD DVD. Adding more studios to one side won't make a studio do better it gives the format itself more numbers.

It's simple math. BD has more titles to sell and more High Priority movies this holiday season so they should sell more overall. The fact that Die Hard and The Simpsons are doing well doesn't mean jack to Disney for instance.
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