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Default Re: Biggest cable disaster?

Funny story that my friends still give me grief for. When the original Playstation came out, I went out and bought one. My roomate and I were hooking it up and I needed to get behind our cheap entertainment center to hook up the cables. So I sat the PS on the ground in front of the entertainment center and proceeded to start to move the entertainment center away from the wall.

My roomate asked if I needed help, and of course I said no, I got it. Well, the e-center had a 27" CRT TV, various other a/v equipment and was kind of heavy. So I got the old Sauder moving on the carpet by gently rocking it, and being cheap, it had a natural sway to it. Well, as I lurched forward another inch, the 27" RCA TV tips out of the center and falls directly on my unplayed Playstation, completely crushing it. It was absolutely destroyed. Only one thing to do then - go back to the store and pony up for another one.

That has been my biggest cable-related disaster to date. I am much more careful now...
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