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Default Re: I can't believe how cheap some people are re: HD DVD

I couldn't agree more - that guy was cheap. I was one of those fence-sitters and here I was with a Sony VPL-VW50! I finally made the leap last week and bought a PS3 just for the video and I couldn't believe how it looked. My only regret is that I didn't do this sooner.

I think a/v stores could do themselves a favor by actively showing customers what it means to upgrade to one or the other (for example, not just the passive Sony display showing how "A Knights Tale" looks in std def vs BR). Show a standard DVD on the new HD TV their customer just purchased and then show them all that the TV is capable of with the new formats. Even if their chosen format loses, that $200-400 initial investment is well-worth the additional capabilities that they will be able to enjoy for the next few years until this war is settled.
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