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Thanks! It took a long time and a lot of effort to be able to make this happen. My family and I use this space a ton and it will be place for us to relax and enjoy for many years.

Right now the HT is in a transitional period as I have boxed up the Classe. My local dealer was kind enough to loan me a Rotel 1068 processor until my Integra DTC-9.8 comes in. And since I am being a little lazy and don't want to reprogram the remote for only the next 2 weeks, only to have to do it again, I am turing things on and off manually. I also haven't recalibrated the sound.

I have also decided to save my money and keep my current sub. While the positioning is a little off of the current sub, I don't see the need to spend $1600 just so I can place the new sub about 3' over. Maybe with that, plus $250 more, I can buy a new Hermes wallet for my wife! Sorry, Jerry, couldn't resist .

Any thoughts/suggestions would be most welcome on what you see. I do have a question for the group. I have heard that the Integra might not do that well with 2-channel performance. Has anyone had any experience with hearing this unit and could comment on its stereo performance? I am debating if it makes sense to continue to use the Rotel DVD player with coax out to the Integra or find a better, dedicated CD player and run analog out.
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