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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

They are looking at long term longevity. Going bluray disc tomorrow is the short term solution. They have no royalties in bluray. The only thing they added to the format was BD-9. I think we all can agree that a 9gb bluray disc is about useless. They have massive royalties in hddvd. The format is fully backward compatible. Trouble free and selling a good number of software titles with a far higher attach rate than bluray.

By the way when you subsidize companies for producing discs on your format which Sony was doing with both Warner and Paramount that is a financial incentive or whoring as you put it. The same as offering incentives to Paramount, Dreamworks for advertising etc. More studio payoffs have occured since this thing began that I think any off us can imagine. Sony paying Target to only carry bluray players. Disney's non responce to the question if they had been offered financial incentives from Sony at IFA in Berlin. All these questions come up to think that in business money should never be part of the equation when in essence it should be at the very heart of it, it is business after all.

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