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Smile Re: Matching Paradigms - Sound Continuity

Originally Posted by enormo View Post
I am looking at getting speakers for a 5.1 system. I was originally going to get Pardigm Atom fronts with the other recommended components (Monitor Series... e.g. CC-190's etc). However, I was looking at the reviews of the Studio 20's and realized that I could probably afford these.

My one concern is this: I do more movie watching than I do serious music listening. I'm worried that the Studio 20s will not integrate well with the sound of the lower end surround sound components. I'm a huge believer in continuity in film. Continuity breeds immersion.

Am I better off with the Atoms vs. the Studio 20s for a wholistic experience?

Happy Hollidays!!!

BTW... I'm going to be running an Onkyo 805
If you can afford the Studio 20's - Get three across the front use your Atoms for the rear. I personally don't like horizontal oriented center channels. Three identical speakers up front gives a "realness" to the pans and the soundstage (imo). Make sure you get a decent sub if you are using the 20's or atoms up front. Paradigm makes plenty of excellent subs. I have run the 20's before with middle end Denon equipment with no problem - they seem to like each other. You should have no problem with the Onkyo.
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