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Default Re: I can't believe how cheap some people are re: HD DVD

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
I was talking to someone today who asked my staff's advice on a $2000 60 inch HDTV. We gave it to him to find out he is using a VCR tuner to run SD cable into the set.

When I told him he HAD to spend the $10 a month extra for HD, he protested.

But things got worse when I suggested that he buy a $129 HD DVD player. Oh, my god - It was if I asked him to spend $10,000. "And what if the format fails and Blu-ray wins?" I said "so what - rent discs from Netflix if you are that worried - that costs another $5 a month"

Seriously, how can ANYONE sit on the fence. A Samsung BR player is $279. A Toshiba HD DVD player is less than $200. C'mon - people.... BUCK UP. Holidays are for HD aren't they?

Surprisingly a lot of people don't want to "waste," money on the NextGen formats because of "losing."

The recent study I read showed that 56% of new HDTV owners want to own a Next Gen player. Of those 71% want to wait and see who wins. Of the 71% about 67% would buy HD DVD if they had to choose. Of the 29% around 58% plan on buying an HD DVD player in the next year.

People hate spending money on something that will be obsolete.

This war is hurting both sides. I can understand. $200 for the player. $1000 in software, and then the thing is obsolete. Even if the otherside wins, that software doesn't need to be replaced by the oposing side. That is the strong point to make. The software isn't going to go bad. It's as good as the other guys so you're free to shop without worries. You just may have to spend another $200 in the future.

Big deal. However you have to let them understand that they won't have to repurchase the software on those opposite label.
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