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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
OK I see what you are saying, Warner is run by idiots that don't look past this week & only care about their own sales instead of looking at the big picture & long term.

But all that aside what about the world wide numbers?
From what I'm hearing Blu-Ray is killing HD-DVD in Europe & the rest of the world.
Is Warner taking those numbers in to account or can they not see past their front door?
Ok enlighten me. I'm Warners.

Tell me why the sales of Disney, FOX, and other companies titles matter compared to the sales of my studio.

I'm not looking at one week either. I'm looking at a complete year where HD DVD has given me more profits than BD by about 10% and in the last 4 weeks HD DVD has taken over BD and given me those numbers for the year. Before then BD had a slight 5% edge.

I don't care about Europe or Australia. They have their own distribution arm. All I care about is North America.

I look at long term market research that tells me that HD DVD will overtake BD in sales in 2008. I look at the long term where MS is telling me in 2008 they will be updating all 360s to HD DVD internal drives. I look at the long term where the new 51GB TL disc is going to be released in 2008 on multiple titles. I look at Disney who was the winning vote for TL discs to be approved by the DVD Forum. I look at Disney testing the TL discs with their titles and preparing a 1Q 2008 HD DVD launch.

Why would I jump ship from the Red side where in the last 6 months they are the only side to make any kind of positive sales stride in hardware? For the year they have a near 3 to 1 edge now in hardware and only because of the last month.

What does BD have going for it?

It's more expensive. It doesn't have a space advantage anymore. It has ever changing standards. It's more expensive. It needs firmware upgrades more often than HD DVD to get a movie to work.

Best Buy sells more A3s than all BD players combined. This is with a $249 price tag. It doesn't matter that Sony has a $299 version. In fact my local Best Buy today had stacks of them out in the aisle with the sign on top. Meanwhile the Toshiba had a stack of two which was obviously once a giant stack. BDA has also bought floor space from Best Buy and it's not working. Meanwhile the HD DVD PRG isn't buying floor space or anything else. They're quietly not spending the advertising money that BD is and their winning in hardware, and doing really well in software. It costs me more money to manufacture and distribute BD. It costs me more money to advertise with BD.

BD has won twice now on weeks they should have lost in software by going to a Buy 1 Get 1 Free sales at the big chains. Buy PotC at Worlds End, get a free BD. Buy Spider-Man 3 get a free BD. BB had like 14 titles to choose from for you to buy 1 get 1 free.

Why? Because HD DVD with Bourne was going to beat them.

They did the same lame duck trick the week of Transformers. How many of those discs were "free?"

Just what does BD have going for it? It's not making me more money its slowly losing software marketshare, and it's totally lost the hardware marketshare it had just 5 weeks ago.
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