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Default I can't believe how cheap some people are re: HD DVD

I was talking to someone today who asked my staff's advice on a $2000 60 inch HDTV. We gave it to him to find out he is using a VCR tuner to run SD cable into the set.

When I told him he HAD to spend the $10 a month extra for HD, he protested.

But things got worse when I suggested that he buy a $129 HD DVD player. Oh, my god - It was if I asked him to spend $10,000. "And what if the format fails and Blu-ray wins?" I said "so what - rent discs from Netflix if you are that worried - that costs another $5 a month"

Seriously, how can ANYONE sit on the fence. A Samsung BR player is $279. A Toshiba HD DVD player is less than $200. C'mon - people.... BUCK UP. Holidays are for HD aren't they?
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