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Talking Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
So let me see if I got this right, despite one of the biggest releases on HD-DVD exclusively (Bourne) & more Blu-Ray copies of Harry Potter sold & HD-DVD lost the week 69%-31% as well as the year to date being won by Blu-Ray 65%-35% & since inception being won by Blu-Ray 63%-38% even though HD-DVD has a higher stand alone numbers & the big fire sale of $99 HD-DVD players & HD-DVD is still losing but you guys are still claiming it's a victory for HD-DVD?

Lotus, PRO-630HD & 1more4HDDVD,
If you guys don't currently work in the HD-DVD marketing department you should apply for jobs there because you got the spin thing down.
The hddvd players are xmas gifts!!! We won't see the impact of this till after the holidays. Okay I bought one of the $99 players for my garage. That way when I am working on my car I can watch hddvd's, LOL!! I am thinking about having one put in the shower as well.

Concerning Warner throw your ridiculous numbers away. Warner is looking at Warner titles only. They don't care how many bluray titles Fox sells!! They are looking at their numbers alone and what is returning the studio greater profits. With Bluray beyond the shadow of a doubt you need to sell copies more as production costs are higher to return an equal amount of profits to the studio. From day one that is what Warner said is there only concern. HDDVD is easily winning in this category and what was that Warner said was so important. Oh that's right stand alone player sales. I will even give you your 1.2:1 sales lead even though unrealistic. You have 3.6 times as many players and a only 1.2:1 sales lead!! Danger, Will Robinson Danger!! If New Line's Lost in Space ever ends up on bluray you will be extremely lucky.

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