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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
So let me see if I got this right, despite one of the biggest releases on HD-DVD exclusively (Bourne) & more Blu-Ray copies of Harry Potter sold & HD-DVD lost the week 69%-31% as well as the year to date being won by Blu-Ray 65%-35% & since inception being won by Blu-Ray 63%-38% even though HD-DVD has a higher stand alone numbers & the big fire sale of $99 HD-DVD players & HD-DVD is still losing but you guys are still claiming it's a victory for HD-DVD?

Lotus, PRO-630HD & 1more4HDDVD,
If you guys don't currently work in the HD-DVD marketing department you should apply for jobs there because you got the spin thing down.

Well lets look at your "spin,"

69% to 31%, but Warners doesn't care about that number. They care about their titles. Last week was about 50/50 for their titles. Some with a BD lead of as much as 20% and as little as -20%. That is using Videoscan numbers. Using Warner's numbers HD DVD has a real lead.

I'd call selling more Harry Potter titles as a lead. You can't spin that. BD people can spin "but videoscan says," and the answer is Videoscan only reports on 60% of total sales. Warners' numbers shows an HD DVD victory if a slight one.

Even using videoscan numbers you think outnumbering HD DVD by over 4 to 1 and you only have a 20% lead is significant? That says to me the PS3 isn't selling enough titles. Remove the PS3 and BD is sucking air.

When you look at older catalog titles and how they're selling right now with Videoscan it's about 55/45. Compare that to September catalog titles of 63/37. There has been an 8% increase since the new HD DVD players hit the market.

Jump up and down about Pirates, Simpsons movie, Die Hard, etc. The real data shows that HD DVD is catching up and likely will surpass BD in 2Q 2008. That isn't spin that is math.
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