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Smile Re: Vinyl Outsells SACD and DVD-Audio combined in 2006

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
Ah, Greg, you pique my interest in analog further.... You mean man! I need to then drop several thousand on a TT, some more on a cart, good phono pre, cables, extra outboard shelves for my new rack....

OK, 1/1/08 I become partner, once I pay off the latest toys I'll go hunting TT's!

Congrats on becoming partner. Thats the way to start a new year. Have fun shopping. I envy you. I loved my first turntables that I bought. It was almost idolatry. I used to watch my Shure V15 Type III cartridge just ride my records. Get my discwasher out and clean my stylus and lps. Oh, the pain!!!!!!
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